How it Works

TipGenie is a mobile payment app
that helps service industry professionals
earn more tips and gratuity
by making it easy to tip
anyone, anywhere, anytime
without cash.

Service industry professionals depend on tips to make a living,
but we often don't carry cash
or forget to tip those that work behind the scenes
... like the hotel maid who cleans your room.

With TipGenie, tipping is as easy as leaving a nice note
with your username or QR code,
so that your customer can easily find and tip you for quality service

TipGenie is also fun.
Compete with your colleagues and friends to rank on the leaderboard for the most tips earned or given.




  • Earn more tips

    Tip Genie is great for those in industries that often don't receive well-deserved tips, such as

    ... hotel maids, handymen, valets, concierges, doormen, porters, chefs, plumbers, mechanics, bartenders, etc ...

  • The "Yelp" for service professionals

    Gratuity used as an implicit review to calculate rating of service industry professionals as the best measure of great service.

    $$ rating more meaningful measure than arbitrary stars.

  • The "LinkedIn" for service professionals

    Leaderboard rankings identify best service professionals.

    Great validation of competency.

    Employers recognize top performers. Prospective employers recognize great candidates.

Tip Genie send tip Tip Genie leaderboard
  • Cashless and Secure

    Tip Genie is convenient for ...

    - tippers who often don't carry cash

    - service industry professionals who don't accept credit cards directly

    Easily tip anyone by QR code or username.

  • Generous tipper recognition

    Leaderboard ranks tippers by their tips as a measure of generosity.

    Valuable customers recognized and rewarded with extra special service.

  • Bragging rights

    You're good at what you do, you're generous...

    Compete with your colleages and friends on the leadboard for bragging rights.

  • Handy tip calculator

    Whip out Tip Genie to calculate and split tips in a breeze.

TipGenie Walkthrough

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